Thursday, 29 December 2016


At this time of the year, I wish I was Santa Clause. The obese guy with a red cap and white beards, riding a reindeer driven vehicle despite the vociferously malignant animal rights enthusiasts, knows exactly what each person on this planet wishes and has for centuries never given a gift which has gone unappreciated. So, inspired by him, I am granting you a gift which I feel is most appropriate for you! In fact I am challenging Mr. Clause today and giving all my friends the same gift and yet expecting it to be genuinely cherished and appreciated.

I am not offering something you can touch, but something you can be touched by. I am sending you a reminder of one very special thing, one that may be the secret of living. I'd like to share this thought with you, because you're a beautiful combination of things that make you YOU - the one I treasure.

I ask you to think of all the people who live or have ever lived on our planet since the very beginning of time. None of them are like you. Do you realize what a miraculous thing it is to be you! Nobody has the same combination of talents, abilities, sorrows and opportunities. No one has the same friends, the same acquaintances. Nobody's finger prints are the same like you and no one has eyes like you. No one has the same sorrows and the same family jokes or No one has the same ambitions and the same concerns or the same goals as you. No one! You are unique. 

Nobody can speak your words. Nobody can smile your smile. No one can leave the same impact on another person as you do. Enjoy how unique you truly are, let it flow out and touch your family and friends, and all the people you meet.  

Accept and enjoy this uniqueness. You don't have to pretend to be more like others expect you to be. Be yourself unhesitatingly, be different. No one in the world has the same things going on in their mind, soul, or spirit as you have going on in yours.  It is a gift only to you. Treasure and share your uniqueness with us all. You have a unique gift for the rest of us. Don’t deprive us of our gift this festive season!

I wish you the strength to be inspired by the fact that you are UNIQUE. And don't you ever try to change that. Because you're perfect that way! You are a perfect you, and people will value you because you are YOU.

I am one of those countless people who are inspired by your uniqueness. Don’t change; I still have to take the best out of you, my friend!

Happy New Year!!

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