Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Our Prime Minister often says that instead of Nehru, imagined what the India of today would look like if Sardar Patel was our first Prime Minister?

I ask you today imagine where would we be today if Netaji was our first Prime Minister? 

He was far more popular and far more charismatic than either Nehru or Patel. His leadership was virtually unchallenged and he led by example from the front. Such was his personality that both Nehru and Jinnah were in awe of him and never spoke a word to antagonize him. Azad Hind Fauj had a fair share of Muslims and the Muslims of undivided Bengal accepted him as their unquestioned leader just as the Hindus did. 

If Gandhi ji did not make the mistake of putting Nehru ahead of him, who knows we could have avoided the partition! 

He was far ahead of his time and a true visionary. He had friends everywhere and the world loved and respected him. He would encourage a new country to strive, sacrifice, toil and sweat and not resort to begging for food grains fit for animal consumption like PL 480. He would have created a far more self confident Nation, strategically always caring for her self interests and not falling into the stupid trap of left of centre politics.

Now that the classified files on Netaji are being de-classified, I will not be surprised to know about a grand conspiracy to keep him out of the country after independence. The fact that there was no such plane crash in Formosa (Taiwan) is now beyond doubt. The fact that the Azad Hind Fauj's bravery and valor sowed the seeds of revolt in the Indians of the then British Army is also a proven fact today. Whether non-violence and spinning charkha got us independence is being seriously questioned by the new age historians who quote Clement Attlee, who dismissed Gandhi as just an irritant and Bose as a threat to British interests. National Security advisor Ajit Doval has a story to tell and you must read this: 


Babasahab Ambedkar too has a similar story to tell about Clement Attlee and his morbid fear of the revolt in Indian Army caused by the Valor and sacrifice of I.N.A, 


Kingshuk Nag, author of a biography of Modi, quoted Russian intelligence sources who said Netaji had not perished in the air crash in Taihoku, in Taiwan, but found his way to the USSR, where he found himself on the wrong side of Joseph Stalin and was packed off to Yakutsk in Siberia. Nag claims that Netaji perished in the minus 50 degree Celsius environs of the Kolyama Highway in the Stalinist era. 

While Netaji’s death remains a mystery, attempts were also on to erase his memory and that of the INA. Lord Mountbatten, as Commander in chief of the Allied Forces in South East Asia, ordered the demolition of the monument built in Singapore’s Esplanade Park for the INA-martyrs. Later, as Viceroy of India, he made it a precondition for India’s Independence that no soldier of the INA would be re-inducted into the Indian Army. Nehru accepted this. In 1951, when told about reports that Bose was in the USSR, Nehru had brushed it aside as “American propaganda”. 

I would request you to read about the charismatic personality of Netaji to understand what a huge loss it was to the Nation when he, the popular choice of the people, was sidelined, betrayed and forgotten by the 2nd. generation of rulers of India, the Congress.

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