Tuesday, 6 October 2015


The courts have sent 5 convicts of the Mumbai train blasts to the gallows. It is time for action replay of the debate on morality of the death sentence. Shashi Tharoor, my friend is absolutely against it, On the issue of abolition of capital punishment I am prepared to go almost all the way with Shashi. So long as we are talking about fellow human beings I am with him but when we are treating rapists who brutalize and kill or terrorists to do the same in mass scale, I will let him go alone on that path. I love dogs but am a firm believer of putting down rabid ones to save those whom I love more. The Nithari killers, the Nirbhaya killers, the Ajmals and the Yakoobs are rabid and need to be eliminated.........and I care two hoots about their caste, creed, religion, ethnicity, colour of skin and odor of sweat. Hoping to reform them is high risk romanticism bordering on insanity. Yes, to this I will add just one caveat......justice should be swift and not take 23 years. It is swift justice that keeps Singapore, Dubai and Israel a very high risk location for criminals.

Capital punishment is not an eye for an eye, it is a surgical interventions for a malignancy in the society. The earlier we do it the safer the society is. If justice was swift we could have avoided many subsequent acts of terrorism. We had let the cancer fester for 23 years.........how can we expect cure? Why can't Nithari and Nnirbhaya cases be solved within 3 months by fast tracking. If hospitals can work 24x7 why can't the courts?

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